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About us

At Khoo, we promise to serve the best Malaysian & Chinese cuisines and with passion and love. Our story began in 2008, in Providence where we opened up our first take-out and delivery restaurant. The core pillars of our restaurant, quality, and freshness bring us here today to serve our customers diverse, contemporary, and authentic delights to Rhode Island. The key of our offerings includes the most popular and well-known delicacies from the 3 nations that built our country, Malay, Chinese, and Indians known as the foodies in Asia. We love food and want to bring all our friends and family to join us. From desserts to appetizers, you will find your corner and your favorite food. Infusing the traditional aromatic spices and ingredients, we pledge to put on excellent food and service to our customers. Besides that, as healthy eaters, we offer a few selections of sushi and Poke (PO-ki) Bowl, a nutritious and healthy salad bowl that serves a well–balanced diet that consists of protein, fiber, and carbohydrates. We hope that you could enjoy a truly Asia experience every time you sit back and relax. Please let us serve you better and improve by providing feedback to us. "Jom Makan!!"